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Jul 17, 2018 at 11:34 AM

Problem with i18n Fiori App extension after deployment



I extended the Approve Leave Requests Fiori application to change some texts of the i18n files.

However I came across several problems during the extension and I was not able to extend the i18n folder as intended by SAP (New > Extension > i18n customization).

So I followed the answers in the below topic (and consulted all the others related topic on this website):

i18n for the extended Fiori app

I added a i18n folder in my extension project and added the internationalization files (, ...) there. In these files I added the additional translation (overrides of the standard). In the component.js of my extension project I added the below code

config : {
"": {
bundleName:"<your component name>.i18n.i18n"

I replaced <your component name> with the name of my extension component specified in component.js

So after these changes, it is working in my Web IDE environmnent, the new translations are displayed when I run the index file in Web IDE.

However, after having deployed the application extension in my ECC, ABAP repository and configured properly the tile to call the extension as well as LPD_CUST, the changes which were correctly working in the Web IDE are not working in ECC.

The application is working, the extension is called, but the changes made in the extension are not observable when running the app. Note that there is not error in the console.

Any idea on this issue?

Thanks a lot,