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Jul 16, 2018 at 01:54 PM

Suppress warning messages in Analysis for Office


Hello All,

I have a Analysis for Office template. Which have many dimension selection. I am getting few warning messages when I am executing any operation like save, prompt. I do not want to correct the warning by side of BEx because of my query structure.

I just checked few codes of VB on sap community help portal, but I am unable to implement.

Here I am attaching the screenshot of warnings to suppress. Please help me.

First full message : Combination check: Characteristic value GLAP/M1 for 0WORKCENTER char. does not exist (RSPLS_CR-009, BDV)

Second Full Message : Chirala Line 2 Months ' is not input-ready: Data slices, characteristics relationships (RSPLS_CR-046, BDV)

Thanks in advance.


warning.jpg (64.5 kB)