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Mar 20, 2009 at 10:21 AM

Material List Report


Hi Gurus,

We are looking for a report where it gives us information about maintanence status for example in our organisation we have materials maintained in 4 plants,

some materials have sales views and some does not have. i have generated a query using MARA, MVKE and MARC tables.

when i run that query if a material does not have sales views it is not giving the information of those materials. i need a report where it gives me all information of all materials even though materials sales views are not maintained. what i mean is if a material has no sales view it should display blank in those fields and give information of views it has maintained.

i will give an example as well,

material X maintained for Purchasing view only.

Material X1 maintained for purchasing and sales view and accounting views.

Material X3 maintained for sales, Purchasing and Accounting views.

when i select all 3 materials in my query, only X1 and X3 are displayed because it has sales view. iam missing X here.

Can some one please throw some light on this, how i can achive this.

Thank you gurus in advance,