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Mar 20, 2009 at 09:57 AM

CMP process error


Hello all,

A process chain failed while loading data to infosource LEI_CREDIT through a customized extractor.

The error mentioned was "CMP problem occurred in characteristic [0CUST_COMPC] Customer for InfoProvider 0FIAR_C02.

The details are:


Characteristic [0CUST_COMPC]Customer of the MultiProvider is not

supplied with data from InfoProvider 0FIAR_C02; this means it is not

identified. However, [0CUST_COMPC]Customer is compounded to 0COMP_CODE

and 0COMP_CODE is identified with characteristic 0COMP_CODE for

InfoProvider 0FIAR_C02.

In this case, there is a compounding or CMP problem with

[0CUST_COMPC]Customer in the MultiProvider for InfoProvider 0FIAR_C02.

Processing characteristics with CMP problems in the data manager is very

complicated and can have a negative impact on performance. The data

manager cannot use SIDs for these characteristics (at least not in the

corresponding InfoProvider) because the initial SID = 0 for

[0CUST_COMPC]Customer is not the same as the initial compound key for

0COMP_CODE [0CUST_COMPC]Customer (that is, when actual values are posted

in 0FIAR_C02 for 0COMP_CODE).

For this reason, hierarchies for [0CUST_COMPC]Customer must often be

read at leaf level; also, it is not possible to use hierarchy aggregates

for [0CUST_COMPC]Customer or for the remaining InfoProviders.

When do we encounter such errors and whats the root cause for this. The process chain never gave this error in the past.

Please help.