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Jul 16, 2018 at 11:47 AM

SAP IDM GRC Integration- Risk Analysis


Hello Experts,

We have SAP IDM (7.2) with GRC (10) integrated for Risk Analysis.We are having business role concept.

When we are requesting business roles in IDM.The risk analysis happens and GRC response gets captured in IDM.The request for risk mitigation gets created in GRC only for risk type high and sensitive.

One request per business role (with high/sensitive risks) created in GRC and Risk Analysis result shows risk for that particular business role only.(Which as per my understanding is the IDM standard way based on the audit id's and pending value objects created separately for each business role)

I want to know is there any possibility to combine the business roles while creating the risk mitigation request in GRC so that the risk analysis will happen for the all the submitted roles instead of individual business roles.


Saurabh Sharma