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Jul 16, 2018 at 04:33 AM

DMEE Tree function - mapping procedure always defaulted to Constant



We have recently did our BASIS upgrade from SP18 to SP29.

The issue is our existing DMEE tree in DEV system become haywire after we try to change and activate. The mapping procedure for all nodes are defaulted to Constant and the conversion function is wrong for all nodes. Some of existing nodes also give red color. Fyi, we use exit module (function module) for all nodes. We have use this DME tree almost 5 years for 4 banks. So, I don't think there is issue with the DMEE structure.

I suspect there is missing SNote here. I have logged the issue to OSS but it is almost 2 weeks no feedback from them. I'm not sure how to fix this. Until now our FI team cannot do payment posting in DEV system since there is runtime error when generating the DME file (i.e. wrong conversion function, default to Constant etc.).

I'm thinking to copy the PRD/QAS version to DEV but not sure the step. Our basis outsource company said it is chargeable since we try to copy object from PRD to DEV. I have tried use upload/download function for DME tree from QAS to DEV. But still got issue during activation. My last hope is to create dummy Transport Request in PRD/QAS with DME tree inside, and then release to DEV. By doing this, I assume the DMEE tree in DEV is auto activated and my FI team has no issue to post payment and generate DMEE tree.

I really need advise on this... please.. thanks