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Mar 20, 2009 at 07:28 AM

questions regarding settings in broadcaster


Hello gurus,

there are three very important questions that I want to ask from a practical point of view.

I would be as descriptive as possible.

Question 1

When I launch a broadcaster via a query designer, say I make the necessary entries to create a new setting for broadcasting this query, When I click on schedule, I get a new pop up asking me for how do I want to schedule this setting. There is an option says "Execution with Data Change in the infoprovider " and then there is a check box that has this infoprovider. My question is if I check this checkbox corresponding to the infoprovider, will the email be automatically triggered as and when the data is loaded. If yes, then in what case do we have to use the "Trigger DataChange event" in the respective process chain that loads the data.

Question 2

I schedule a report to be broadcasted to specific users, I have say 5 variants created for this report. This report is to be execute five times a week. Can I have it scheduled in such a way, that each time the report is triggered, there is a different variant that is selected.

Question 3

Do I have a way with the help of which only the newly loaded data is automatically broadcasted, but not the whole of report.if yes, please let me know.

Any help regarding any of these questions would really be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,