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Mar 20, 2009 at 07:04 AM

Re : smartforms conditions


HI experts,

i have created the smartforms and i have developed the driver program too,

in my driver program i have an an internal table itab which i was passed to smartforms through form interface ( itab1 in smartforms )...

in itab data like this..

custno I Name I amount I sform

100 I raju I 111 I

100 Iraju I 222 I

1000 I raju I 333 I X ( ie. subtotal indicator ).... i wmt this in bold

200 I ravi I123 I

200 I ravi I 120 I

200 I ravi I 243 I X ( ie. subtotal indicator )

this internal table i pass to smartforms...

for bold i have used condiotns..

that is itab2-sform ne 'X'

normal lines

ita2-sform eq 'X'

bold line..

but i am not gettin the bold one...

can any body tell me how to overcome this problem..

Thanks & Best Regards,