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Mar 20, 2009 at 06:47 AM

Error Wrong partner type LS


Hi All,

I am doing IDOC to File Scenario where i am sending Purchase order details to third party system. When i create or change the PO it should generate ORDER05 idoc and send to PI. I configured output type to generate PO idoc but it is not generating idoc. Configured details is as below

Output type :NEU

In General tab:Access to conditions and multiple issuing is checked

Default value

Dispatch time: Send immediately

Transmission medium: Distribution ALE

Partner function: LS

Processing routines: Distribution( ALE ) RSNASTED ALE_PROCESSING

Partner function:Distribution( ALE ) LS Logical System

Procedure: RMBEF1 Purchase Order.

I activated this procedure in SPRO Tcode

In condition record

I choosen purchase org option and gave the following details.

Pur Org: RS00

Function: LS

Partner: XXXXX001

Medium :A

Date: 4

I did configuration in partner profile by adding orders details and message control details in in XXXXX001. I also configured Distribution model.

When i create PO the above mentioned condition records are coming in the message type. when i check process log in me22 it says Wrong partner type LS The message record of the message control contains a partner role with a partner type LS that cannot be used here. Only the 'KU' and 'LI' partner types are allowed

i used this as reference

www saptechnical com/Tutorials/ALE/AutoIDOCGen/AutomaticIDocGeneration2.htm

I have searched entire SDN form no one has given correct answer. Please let me know what is the problem.