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Jul 18, 2018 at 10:41 PM

Analysis for Office disables queries

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I'm currently using Analysis for Office to create an input form for BPC Embedded.

I use the same query 5 times in the report, each time I filter the elements differently.

I group the first two queries and insert a blank column between them.

I try to save data to make sure it's working properly and it does.

I then proceed to continue adding queries.

The first query is suddenly unable to save data, the Save Button gets disabled for that one. It's not that the queries are sharing information because even when I delete all others, the problem remains. Even if I close Excel and reopen it, the first query is no longer able to save data.

I don't get any error message and it's obviously NOT the configuration of the query because I was previously able to save data. I did not change the layout. I simply added (or deleted) queries from the workbook and it stopped working.

Does anyone have any insight? I'd really appreciate it.

We're using NW 7.5 and BW 7.5 on Hana