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Mar 20, 2009 at 05:05 AM

Data Type with reference and view maintenance


Dear all,

There are two questions that I want to ask.

1. Error when referencing a table with data type = u2018STRINGu2019.

I have a Z table with some fields = u2018stringu2019, when I use this as a reference, an error prompted.

"ZTBL_ABC" must be a flat structure. You cannot use internal
tables, strings, references, or structures as components.-

2. Error in generating the View maintenance for field length > 255.

Actually, I want to create fields with

1. data type = char(255),

2. data type = text

3. data type = char(3000)

It is okay if I create the field with the selected size, however, when I generate the View maintenance (which can be access through SM30); it does not allow me to do so. It still not working if I change it into string. How can I create such table and use the table maintenance, as well as using that as the reference type of an internal table for another program?


Mandy Au