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Mar 19, 2009 at 09:39 PM

Localizing WPC Pages


On SP16 Patch 1...

I do not believe that the localizing is working the way I think it should, but I wanted to ask all of you with more expertise than I have.

I created a region for US.

I created a region for Canada.

Created a page when locale is set (in WPC) to US/English.

Localized the page for Canada/English (new teaser specific to this region).

Localized the page for Canada/French. (has French version of Teaser).

User defaulted in UME with language of English.

When user has their region set to US, sees US/English version.

User changes their region to Canada (but leaves their language set to English), sees Canada/English version.

User changes their language to French -- still sees Canada/English version.

I would think that when the user changes their language, the localized page changes.

Just for grins, I created a CanadaEnglish region and a CanadaFrench region.

Each region has pages with their respective language. If the user changes their region from CanadaEnglish to CanadaFrench, then it works.

Am I misunderstanding how it should work?