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Mar 19, 2009 at 04:18 PM

calling other view from the popup of other view-problem in Navigation


Hi All,

I have a problem in navigation.

In the view upon button click I'm showing a Popup for Component Usage which has a button 'OK'.

In the OK button I'm validating some data and if there are errors Im showing them on the Popup otherwise I'm firing a plug of other view.

Eventhough there are no errors, the control is still on popup for first time. When I click the 'OK' for the second time, It is showing this error.. 'Error while navigation'.

Eventhough there is no error, 1st time it's calling the HANDLER method of the other view and 2nd time

it is giving this error.

Please find the snapshot of the error.

Controller for View, Window, Interface, and Configuration Cannot Be Created
                                                                                What happened?                                                                                
The exception 'CX_WDR_RT_EXCEPTION' was raised, but it was not caught anywhere                
the call hierarchy.                                                                                
Since exceptions represent error situations and this error was not                            
    adequately responded to, the running ABAP program                                             
     'CL_WDR_CLIENT_APPLICATION=====CP' has to be                                                 
* SOURCE VIEW IS 'NORMAL' VIEW                                                      
    when if_wdr_rr_view=>co_view.                                                   
      l_component = source->component->component_info->definition-component_name.   
      if source->view_usage_info is not bound.                                      
        raise exception type cx_wdr_rt_exception                                    
                textid = cx_wdr_rt_exception=>view_not_visible                      
                msgv1  = source->name                                               
                msgv2  = l_component.

How can we avoid this error or is there any other way for proper navigation.