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Mar 19, 2009 at 03:08 PM



I am hoping I can get some help here. I have a similar problem (with pop up window login info for report, even though it never did this before I patched it to 11.5 version) at this link

Logon Error for Crystal Report Viewed by User When Not Included In App

although not quite the same ...

I have some reports that have this, and others that don't, I am still a newb when it comes to crystal, having used componentone myself in the past, but since being here (almost 2 years) in this company...we've never had these problems.

Then we updated a few weeks ago to 11.5 (no choice vs2005 upgrade from vs2003 too).

I started seeing many reports (not all though) that would pop this login window...

and being that not all reports has this, although the base class report generator is the same code everywhere....I had no leads.

I saw this post and thought, great, finally an answer...but to my dismay, I see that all my reports have the ADO.NET XML set as the main acces type for the reports. I even went and found more info concerning the settings on the report itself (which made sense seeing as some programmers here may have opened up the projects and modified something...which would account for why only certain projects have the problem but not all).

How do I diagnose this problem. In componentone, we could assign a connection string to the report, and this would be in the header of the report....if it was blank, then you would have to set it manually.

I know that we use an inhouse connection object (which again is the same for all) so I would bet that this is not the problem. We do not give reports their own connections, we use a generic connection

I guess I would like to know from 1 version to another, was there something that happened to reports or projects that set parameters(default?) for flags affecting the way the report connected...???

It woudl also be nice to have a list of changes from 11 to 11.5 if anyone has it, for such things as changed efault values for reports that could ultimately change the way the report is generated (as in this case)

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