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Jul 17, 2018 at 07:51 PM

Using 2 servers


I have data from one or 2 tables on one system. We are not allowed to add any tables or update anything there. This is voucher balance data, and insurance master table.

We have an excel which the billers maintain which lists their proposed write offs, for example where Medicaid will only pay a certain amount for a procedure, we write off the difference.

But the voucher balance remains without the write off part. I have a formatted cr that shows the aging, based on voucher balance.

I wrote a query to use both servers but I cannot do that in one command, because the command is based on a server. I am trying to see my options here. ALot of time and effort has gone into the formatting of the cr. I have the possibility of copying the voucher table to my local sql where the writeoffs are, but would be manual. I was thinking of making a sub report that would send the voucher number and when they match with writeoffs, i would need to do the subtraction, and send back the updated amount and place it in the correct aging bucket. Is there a better idea than this?