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Mar 19, 2009 at 12:55 PM

usage of rounding profile in manual created production order



We are making usage of various static rounding profiles.

For each of the materials produced, the rounding qty can be different, depending on the workcenters used to produce the materials (but for one material, there is only 1 rounding profile possible)

This works fine as long as we create planned orders via MRP runs (rounds up according the values set)

However, this rounding value is not taken into account (proposal, warning, error,..) when a user creates a planned order manually via MD11 or a production order via CO01.

Furthermore there is no warning message or whatever at the moment a user is converting a planned order (with a correct calculated rounded value) into a production order and manuaaly adapts the order qty.

As were are talking about a few 1000 different materials, the production planner cannot know all by heart and the rounding proposal would be excellent.

Anybody an idea how to implement this ?

Thanks and regards?