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Jul 17, 2018 at 11:13 AM

Settlement of wbs automatically i.e. posting of Expenses to AUC settlement entry automatically


Dear All,

In case of capex booking, end user post transaction MIGO/FB60 for Expenditure booking against WBS element. Here expenditure is booked in respective cost element with WBS element assigned in PO. At the month end, end user has to do settlement of that wbs element using T-code CJ88 i.e. expenditure transferred to AUC.

This is monthly activity as per our business process. But many times, end user forget to do this CJ88 activity at month end and it will affect MIS report of that month.

We have already tried option of background process in t-code CJ8G. In t-code CJ8G, we have created variant With WBS value as “*”. At the time of execution of CJ8G, In background job, system run all the available wbs elements in system irrespective of status of wbs element and amount posted in given period or not.

Background job result contains error for such as wbs locked, wbs closed and sender value not maintained. Etc. even though for that WBS element for given period no accounting was done.

So please guide how to automate cj88 activity in month end centrally.

Thanks & Regards,

Manjusha c.