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Mar 19, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Shipping and Transportation Multimodal - Pricing Error


Dear Friends,

I have created a Shipment Cost document with the T-Code VI01. There are 3 legs in the Transportation document viz first through Road, second through Rail and the last through Sea.

The pricing procedure used for all the three legs are different and is assigned in the Transportation Document.

However, when I am creating the Shipment Cost Document, the prices for the first leg is only being determined inspite of my maintaining the condition records respectively.

When I check the Condition Type, it prompts for the following warning message "Fields for Access Sequence ZCON unknown in the calculation base C". This access sequence ZCON is being used in other Condition types also.

The Access Sequence is a combination of the following fields in the table - Service Agent/Shipment Route/Ship.Type/Packing Material

Kindly suggest a solution.


Vineet Jain