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Mar 19, 2009 at 08:48 AM

Scenario-Item master with different size/color



I am getting in my next project which is going to be quite challenging for mapping in SAP-B1

The client is garment manufacturer.

It is order based production.i.e based on the sale order they manufacture the garments and sell it.

Each item has got different sizes and different colors and different prices.

The challenges what i feel before the initiation is

1. How to maintain the stock for each size/color in item master

2. How to maintain the price lists for different sizes/color.

3. From different regions they will receive diferent sale orders but while production these all have to combine into one for each item and with different sizez,colorz

4.How do i have to make the BOM is it different for different different colr,different size????

5. When i receive from the production how do i receive different sizes,colors stock?

Half of these issues can be solved if customer goes for creation several item master for each item depending on color/size but the customer doesn't want to do that.Now however i have thought some of the customization on this part

Just want to know everybody's advise who might have completed this kind of challenging tasks

thanks in advance


Md.nazeer Shaikh