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Mar 19, 2009 at 06:44 AM

Physical inventory in IM - current stock level, adopt current stock level


Dear All,

I've been trying to find standard answer for these questions:

1. Is it possible in STANDARD system to display the current stock level for each item on the inventory sheet when we

a) print out the inventory sheets in MI21

b) enter the counted quantity (e.g. in MI04)


item; material; batch; current stock; counted qty

1. materialA; 09/0001; 120 pcs; <counted qty>

2. materialA; 09/0002; 86 pcs; <counted qty>

2. Is it possible to adopt the current stock level as counted quantity and correct / enter manually only those items where there's difference (if there are lots of items in the PID this would be very useful).

3. Is mass deletion of PID possible? (e.g. huge number of PIDs were created via MI31...) I think of standard transaction (not LSMW).

As per my best knowledge the answer is "No" for each of my questions. Please help to validate it or correct me if I'm mistaken.