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Jul 16, 2018 at 10:22 AM

Work centre multiple labors mapping issue


Dear All,

In our client side there is Slitting operation and we have 6 labour who do that. Consider i have 6 production orders which i can share evenly for those 6 labors parallely simultaneously, so evry labor will be getting one order (or) i can share 6 orders among 2 labors. Individual labor's efficiency are being calculated and based on that incentive, bonus are given. Currently individual labor's name is being captured through barcode after work is done.

So while operation wise confirmation in CO11N i will enter the personnel id. But how to map work centre??

Should i create 1 work centre and ind.capacities 6 or should i go with 6 work centres?

If there is 1 absent then it may be 5.

So considering the above facts kindly guide me how to map Work centre for such process..? ?