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Mar 19, 2009 at 05:27 AM

Error in Asset Master record creation


I have created one asset class 1001 for land and 3001 for Vehicles by myself (i.e. without reference)

I have filled all account determination, screenlayout, etc.

When i create asset master record for LAND, i enter asset class 1001 (for land) & it accepts.

But when i create asset master record for Vehicle, i enter asset class 3001 (for vehicle). But it throws error.

Error shown is:

Chart of depreciation IN00 that was determined is not entered for asset class 3001.

_How to rectify the problem ?_

Help with Tcode or menu path.

Further to rectify,

I am trying to Specify Chart-of-Dep.-Dependent Screen Layout/Acct Assignment (Tcode: ANK1)

But error shown is:

Chart-of-depreciation-dependent assignment to asset class not possible

(Message no. AC012)