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Out Bound delivery from reservations


I want to create Out Bound delivery from reservations..

so I go to MIGO - Goods Issue - enter reservation number and post.

What I need to do for -> System to creates an Outbound Delivery and gets distributed to EWM . EWM is already configured. I just need the OD to get created.

The latest release I believe has this option.


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  • Hi Jurgen,

    Thanks for correcting my post and the information about (shown as Former Member) is really useful to me, I was not aware.

    Recently I did analysis and was able to create an O/B Delivery in EWM for the reservations created against the work order.

    My question has changed a little bit now. For the O/B delivery is distributed to the EWM system when I do the GI against the Reservation and stock is reserved (but again the same stock could be reserved for some other work order coming in for the same material - please correct if I am wrong). I can process the O/B dlv in EWM and complete the GI in EWM . The stock gets updated in ECC.

    Question 1- Is there is way I can control the second reservation getting created for the same stock, checking any open deliveries against it?

    Question 2 - If I do a partial pick (7 pick qty / 10) can I post back 3 Qty (unpicked) back to Work Order or update ECC stock? Should I create a returns order for un-used qty?

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