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Mar 18, 2009 at 07:45 PM

Upgrading BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 DDIC error


I hope this is the right category for this question.

I am upgrading BW 3.5 to BI 7.0. When using the Upgrade Assistant, I am getting an error in the START_SHDI_FIRST phase. The shadow instance starts up. But the Upgrade Assistant continues to fail when trying the RFC connection. It appears that the Upgrade Assistant is trying to connect using DDIC. However, the log files continue to show logon is failing due to an incorrect password.

I am able to log onto the shadow instance manually as user DDIC and our current password. After the Upgrade Assistant stops, the ID is locked due to too many failed attempts. So I log on with SAP* and unlock the ID. I verified the correct password was given in SAPup options. Does anyone have an idea why Upgrade Assistant continues to fail? Is there some standard password the Assistant automatically tries?