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Mar 18, 2009 at 06:55 PM

Cluster Error in SAP Instance Group...


Dear Friends,

We Installing our Production servers by using Microsoft cluster service. Our SID is P01

Servers name are Server1 and Server2, so we have two nodes.

We defined in Cluster Administration 3 groups:

- Cluster Group

- SQL Group

- SAP Group

When the cluster the node 2 fail the cluster must start the node 1 but this note have a error... and so he don´t start, we noticed the following errors in resources of SAP Group (in other two groups, Cluster Group and SQL Group, they work fine) and the resources with error in SAP Group are this two:

SAP P00_00 Service failed

SAP P00_00 Instance Offline

Can you help me please...?!

We need your help to sort out this problem

Thanks in advance

João Dimas