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Mar 18, 2009 at 03:29 PM

VC Variant Configurator SD; changing values by FM 'CUOV* '


Hi everybody,

It appears me some troubles with VC when I try to set value for particular feature again.

I have inconsistency fault when I try to change the value by calling FM 'CUOV_SET_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT' from configuration profile but it was set manually by user first (in standard VC window).

Both values of feature are correct (old and new).

Error looks like :

E: Inconsistent values inferred for characteristic (here is number of characteristic)

and next in details:

The following values are incompatible with each other:

(here is old value)

(here is new value)

Let me also know you, that this inconsistency problem exits in case when I try to overwrite feature value by FM I mentioned, and this value was set manually first only ( VC window)

If I try to owerwrite the feature manually (using the same value) - there is OK.

I suppose, I should in "any way " clear values which was set manually first, or change "something" in SAP Variant Configurator what let me change priority and allows overwrite value by FM which was set first manually ( in VC window) . But I have no idea how to do it...

I will be gratefull for any hints.

Thanks & Regards