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Mar 18, 2009 at 02:00 PM

SAP <edited by moderator>....



brings back all sorts of links that you would think are important to developers, and this googled link is just one of many....what does SAP do, they throw Crystal on the back burner, and treat it like a piece of garbage (not important for us so let's just put it in the closet)!!!

Not only can you not find any of the original help documents for crystal, they also took off all the previous forum posts for multitudes of good subjects. Then they also turn around and use their crappy forum app to replace what was once a very easy and simple forum query to find whatever you need into a never come back here to look for stuff again forum.

I have to say, in all the history of mergers, buy outs, and takeovers, I have to say this is the least favorable for developers I have ever seen. Good luck making money now dushbags....especially in this crumbling economy. You can thank your advertising and marketing people...I am sure the

original teams from crystal got the boot, so they are definately not to be held to blame.

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