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Mar 18, 2009 at 12:28 PM

text extractor causing strange character conversion


Hi experts,

I have created a text extractor for a custom infoobject. The extractor is simple one, reading just one R/3 table. The R/3 table is a text table with this format.




LGTXT - (data element TEXT40)

One entry in the source table has an entry like this:

"Billing - Costs and Fees"

When the data reaches the BI PSA, that entry becomes this:

"Billing # Costs and Fees"

Note that the '#' (hash sign) is replacing the '-' (dash sign).

I have tested the extractor and the output looks as expected in R/3.

Within BI, there are no conversions on the custom object or in the transfer rules. I have verified that this is not occuring with other text extractors. Has anybody ever seen this?


Completely baffled