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Mar 18, 2009 at 11:13 AM

Reversing return delivery


Objective: To reverse the PGR in return delivery


1)Created a return delivery,packed, fully picked.

2)PGR done.HU came into stock.

3)Transferrd this HU to another sloc using HUMO transaction 911 mvt type.

To achieve the objective tried following:

1) Brought back the stock by reversing step 3 of above again using HUMO.

so stock came into the initial sloc

2) Now went t reverse the PGR by giving return delivery in VL09. Below error message recieved:

Handling unit 934558886 was last posted with material document

Message no. HUFUNCTIONS274


The last material posting for handling unit 934558886 occurred using material document . Therefore, material document can no longer be cancelled.


Post the handling unit in question in a normal material posting with the opposite movement type (reverse posting).

I tried using reverse movement type and HUCANC but no result.

I even tried MB1b with 311 so that IBD gets created but system dispayed the message:

Delivery is incomplete--cannot be saved.