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Mar 18, 2009 at 11:12 AM

TERP10 related questions


In light of the emphasis and interest on TERP10 at the Curriculum Congress, I thought a thread here devoted to that topic might be appropriate.

Gail, Heather, or whoever can answer this for SAP,

Can you clarify the guidelines for what students, if any, would be inelligible for taking the TERP10 certification class and test from a university? I heard, for example, a statement made about someone not being a "professional" and participating in this program.

We currently have 2 SAP-heavy required courses in our M.S. program in Information Technology, with a 3rd in development. Several of our M.S. students are local professionals. If they are bona fide degree seeking students, would they be able to participate in our (forthcoming) TERP10 plans?

Is there any criteria other than degree seeking which is considered important in determining eligibility?