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Jul 12, 2018 at 07:20 PM

TestDataContainer (TDC) provides master data into System Under Test (SUT)


Dear community,

I am a starting test manager, thus confronted with a new SAP environment and am currently planning the upcoming test phase and release.

In regards to that our SAP Basis is deploys back the productive system on Quality and Test instances to provide a reliable test data basis. Of course this effects in some addtional adjustments (configuring ALE connections etc.)

My vision is to utilizize Solution Manager in the state of art. Mean with features like test automation of component based test automation (CBTA).

Progressing to my question, I failed to find an answer yet.
A test execution needs proper test data at the system under test (SUT).
The test data container (TDC) promise to provide a central site for maintanace at the SAP Solution Manager
But finally the test data needs to be available at the SUT to be used there.

Does the TDC provide the actual test data to the SUT or does it just specify the test variant (specific test) independant of the actual available test data at the SUT?

Greatful for any question or answer.

kind regards, martin