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Mar 18, 2009 at 08:54 AM

Calculated Key Figure Total


I have a query on our Production system which works fine and which I need to recreate on our test system.

The query has two key figures the first a normal KF containing the number of documents (Doc Count). The 2nd is a Calculated KF of

Days Open / Doc Count

Where Days open is also a CKF.

At the detail level the report is fine but the Result is a Problem, in the example it is -586,752 not 36 ( 182/5).

Maint Area Transaction Number Doc.Count Avg Days Open

Carholme Ward D, E, 0000065543 1 70

0000065553 1 70

0000065898 1 23

0000065908 1 4

0000065925 1 15

Result 5 -586,752

I have the same issue when I remove the transaction number from the report.

Maint Area Doc. Count Avg Days Open

Carholme Ward D, E, 5 -586,752

The queries look the same on Production and on the Test system and I have checked the Properties of the Key Figures. I have also gone through the various Options under the Calculate, Result As ( e.g, Summation, Counting All Values etc.)

I have run out of ideas and any help would be appreciated.