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Mar 18, 2009 at 08:33 AM

VA01 sub screen SALES need new field CREDIT STATUS which is in STATU sub sc


Hi Sd Gurus,

I am trying to get the New field in my Header sales dats screen VA01 or VA02.

in the SALES sub screen i need to add CREDIT STATUS.

u can find this through

GoTo - Header -- Status - Credit status.

how to get this in header sales data screen....?

Ex:- if u enter VA01 or VA02. then GoTo - Header - Status -- Credit Status.

so this Credit status Field i need to add in VA01 or VA02 sub screen SALES. i can say....

In VA01 sub screen (Sales) i need new field which is in (Status) sub screen CREDIT STATUS

How to add this Credit Status in Header Sales data screen.

Thanks in Advance.