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Jul 12, 2018 at 12:42 PM

Error in BW: _HCPR_PROCESS-1A-


Hi All,

I've a HANA Composite Provider with 2 ADSOs which are unioned to the composite Provider. Individually I am able to see data in both the ADSOs but when I do a display data on the Composite Provider I am getting an error saying:

Error in BW: _HCPR_PROCESS-1A-

Both the ADSOs are being populated from Excel files. Until a while ago I was able to see data from this composite provider. I modified the data by adding few more records for better analysis. Data is coming perfectly into PSA and into the ADSOs but am not able to view the data on the composite provider.

I've taken the following steps:

1. Activated the Composite Provider.

2. Logged out of BW and logged back in. But still the same issue.

Please let me know how to fix the issue.

Thank you.