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Mar 18, 2009 at 03:41 AM

URL with Mask in the Wflow Task Description - Reg


All Gurus,

i know this requirement may sound a very common post that's been answered here. But, i just am not able to get it worked. I have the requirement of putting a URL (and mask it like with [GOOGLE]) in a custom Task description. We have ECC 6.0. And i have gone thru' the following blogs where it has been discussed and solutions were suggested.

[how to use the url in the work item;



I have not listed all of them. But explored various ways like:

/* &URL&

<a href ="&URL&"/a> etc. etc. but none seems to be working. I am getting the URL as a plain text..not as a hyperlink neither in the SAP WFlow Inbox nor in the Outlook mail generated thru' Extended Notifications.

I have done earlier getting a link in a SendMail step and it's working fine. But getting a link in the Task Description in the SAP Inbox and Outlook Mail is not working.

Can anybody suggest or share their solution who had similar issue.

I'd really appreciate your timely help.

Thanks in advance