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Mar 17, 2009 at 09:55 PM

how to change no to yes and how to suppress a particular letter in detail?


Please be advised that this is how my report looks like:

Date: Employee Description Job Lot Oper No. Hrs Type Running?

3/9/09 I. Robot GR 1910 01 30 1 S NO

3/9/09 I. Robot GR 1910 01 30 3 R YES

3/10/09 I. Robot GR 1910 01 30 2 R YES

I do have grouping BY Employee, Job, Lot and Oper No.

I need help on the following:

1. On Type column I need the report to look at S and R type. If it finds an R then change the R to S and keep the Yes in Running? column

2. Once that is done then I want to suppress all the R in the report

Please help....

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