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Mar 17, 2009 at 04:49 PM

Select query taking lot of time


Hi all.

Below select query is taking lot of time. Can you pls tell me how to improve the performance.Can I go for for all entirs ? Thanks in advance.

select amatnr amtart ameins amstae amstde azeinr a~zeivr

azeifo aersda amatkl adisst alvorm abismt a~brgew

antgew agewei alaeng abreit ahoehe ameabm a~behvo

araube atempb astoff aetiar aetifo acadkz a~kzumw

amfrpn aprofl aihivi ailoos a~prdha


a~LAEDA "6/29

a~aenam "6/29

b~werks "6/29

bherkl cmaktx c~spras

into corresponding fields of table i_mat

from ( ( mara as a

inner join marc as b on bmatnr = amatnr )

inner join makt as c on cmatnr = amatnr )

where a~mtart in s_mtart and

b~werks in s_werks and

c~spras eq sy-langu..