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Mar 17, 2009 at 03:58 PM

PI 7.1 Caches issue: Unable to notify int. runtime (ABAP) of data changes


Hi experts,

I am working with PI 7.1 SP7.

I have noticed that the ICM ports have changed and currently the HTTP one is 50000 (in PI 7.0 it was over 8000). I think that this is part of the new configuration achievement and has nothing to do with the issue im about to explain. Anyway, could you please confirm it is ok?

In ID, the cache notification throws this error message:

1)Unable to notify integration runtime (ABAP) of data changes. Unable to establish http connection "http://<host>:8000/sap/xi/cache? sap-client=100"

As far as i know, this url is taken from the cache service (in SICF), but this service uses the ICM port related to HTTP services, that is, 50000. If i test this service (that is already active) the browser opens the following url:


and a prompt appears requesting user credentials, after having logged on, an error is shown:

'HTTP 400 Error Bad Request'

What is going wrong here? Why the ID is trying to access the 8000 port if the service uses the 50000 one? I am slightly confused with this because if i log to the operating system and do a 'telnet localhost

8000' no service responds.....

In addition, in Cache Connectivity Test (RWB), the Integration Server ABAP displays a red icon :

16-mar-2009 15:16:54 - Cache notification from Integration Directory failed: Error when notifying cache receiver

and other components are still yellow (this may be related to the previous error).

Finally, if i test the INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI RFC destination the error code is 500, and it is ok, but in the response body tab, the error message is:

"The WebApplicationException log ID is [26D8F0DDA804004A00000046000AA05601028B1CD8909735]."

and i think that the response should be "Req ID not found".

Could you please give some support on this? I am reviewing the How To Handle XPI caches document with no success so far.

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,