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Mar 17, 2009 at 03:39 PM

Extern connection to B.D. (MultiBase) by ODBC throught ABAP


Hi Experts.

I have some data that I need to consult to extern B.D.. This D.B. is a MultiBase D.B. ( I have installed in the operative system of the development SAP machine the ODBC driver that I need to connect with this database. (I have a web applications in PHP in other machine in which I have installed the same ODBC driver in the operative system to allow connect with the DataBase... and the ODBC it's OK because I can access to database without problems )

Then I have seen that to access remote DB. in SAP I have to use EXEC SQL statements..., but I don't know how I can establish the connection with this special D.B.

I have seen that normally with the transaction DBCO I can establish the connect with remote D.B. but none the options of the D.B. that appear in this transaction it's the MultiBase D.B....

What can I do???... There is another form without create the connection previously in SAP to allow access to remote D.B., ... How can I use the ODBC installed in the operative system to connect with the external D.B.??

Can you give me some idea??

Thank you.