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Former Member
Mar 17, 2009 at 03:29 PM

Issue with GUI_UPLOAD


Hello All,

I am using the function module GUI_UPLOAD for uploading a notepad (tab delimitted). My file consists of 3000 records. I have passed the parameters filetype as 'ASC' and separator as 'X'.

When I am trying to upload the file it is taking too much time and results in ABAP dump (Time Out).

I have found that there is one record which is causing the problem. I have removed that record and uploaded. This time it got uploaded fine. But when I compare this record with other records, I didn't find any difference.

The same file is gettng uploaded when I use the FM 'UPLOAD'. But this is taking much time.

Length of the record in the file is 4809. I guess this is not the issue, because I have uploaded files which is having a record length of 7500.

Thanks in Advance,