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Jul 14, 2018 at 04:50 AM

SAP BYD : LastReturnedObjectID In Custom Web Service Response


Hello Experts, We have an issue with Custom Web Service, In the Custom Web Service Response "LastReturnedObjectID" is not available. Below are the detail explanation :

1. We have develop a custom Bo (StockOverview) with an Action called "getStock"

2. "getStock" action will read the data from Inventory and save to this custom BO

3. On the top of the StockOverview we have created a web service with "QueryByElement"

4. This web service returns the result as expected unfortunately "LastReturnedObjectID" is missing in the response, however "LastReturnedObjectID" is there in request.

5., based on this blog this is available feature in 1802.

6. Could you please help us to know how we can add "LastReturnedObjectID" in custom BO.

Thanks in Advance