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Jul 13, 2018 at 03:31 PM

How to ensure proper 'Delivery Quantity Correlatation for KITS'


Our objective is to prevent that during PGI a different quantity correlation ratio will occur in EWM (due to picking differences) then as originally targeted. SAP-EWM help provides a nice document describing features and prerequisites on using quantity correlation (see:, however they missed to identify which exception code, and or control profile to use during picking confirmation and how we can secure that the 'overshoot' on a sub item (due to a reduction/recalculation of the delivery quantity) is disconnected from the delivery and (as a nice extra feature) how it can be returned to the initial source bin (how to trigger here a PPF action). Although a BAdI is mentioned in the given link, to influence the results of the delivery quantity; I do like to hear first how standard EWM is able to make use of this 'delivery quantity correlation. See also attached file which hopefully very clearly describes our issue at hand. I do look forward to get some insights here.



ewm-set.png (110.8 kB)