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Jul 13, 2018 at 07:33 AM

Crystal Report - Need tips for troubleshooting error 1422


I have a report that have run OK for years and now is giving error.

There is a function that is called in the select ( oaf_function(param1, param2)).

The error is from Oracle and says 'Single row query returns more than requested number of rows'. Usually this is the case when this error pops up, but not this time it seems.

I have run the function manually with the input parameters, and no dublicates is returned.

The report ran OK last month, and I tried to run it again with the input from last month. Now it's failing with the same error as for input this month.

Data from last month are not changed.

I removed the call to the function just to test, and the report runs OK.

This makes me wonder - can any updates on the server cause that running functions from Crystal report fails??

Has anyone had similar experience or have tips to where /what I can look for


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