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Mar 17, 2009 at 04:27 AM

connectivity between .net and sap



Here i wanna develop an application using .net and it has to connect to R3 system database.

I about to follow the below steps

1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

2. Create a new C# Web form project:

Choose New u2192 New Project u2192 Visual C# Projects u2192 ASP .NET Web Application.

You can also create a project in any other common programming language

for .NET, for example, in Visual Basic .NET. In this case, you must add the

SAP connector for Microsoft .NET proxy classes as a separate project in the

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET solution.

3. Rename the form Webform1.aspx to Default.aspx.

4. Add Web controls to your Web form.

In our example, we add a TextBox, a Button and a DataGrid control.

5. Add proxy classes to connect the Web applications to your SAP server.

a. In the Solution Explorer, right-click on your project.

b. Choose Add u2192 Add new item.

c. Select Web Project Items u2192 SAP Connector Class and choose Open.

The Wizard for SAP connector for Microsoft .NET opens.

d. Decide from where you want to generate the proxy classes.

You can create proxies from:

u2212 Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files that originate in an SAP

interface repository (IFR)

u2212 An SAP server

u2212 Standard WSDL files

e. Select the client proxy object type and select beautify names option.

f. Select the Remote Function Modules (RFM) you want to use in your proxy object.

You can use search filters to look for the Remote Function Modules. In the example,

enter the search argument RFC_CUST* in Name-Filter and select


g. Add the modules to your proxy object and choose Next.

but the thing is here, i cuoldnt get any web project Item(point 5.c) to add proxy.

how should i add proxy to add RFC's and what is this Web Project Item