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Mar 17, 2009 at 04:01 AM

Error in Webservice Call HTTP error (return code 404, message conn failed)



We wish to call a standard EP7 webservice through ABAP.

When we try to create consumer proxy , we get the following error.


HTTP error (return code 404, message "conn failed")

Message no. SPRX090

==> Display Error Document

If you want to generate a proxy for an external WSDL document by specifying a URL, check that the proxy settings of the system are correct (transaction SICF - Client - Proxy Settings). If you want to generate a proxy for an XI Repository object, check the connection to the Enterprise Services Builder as follows:

Check List for Setting Up a Connection to the Service Repository

1. The address of the Enterprise Services Repository must be known in the SAP system


The address is taken from the following parameters in the exchange profile ('Connections' section): Server (for example,pwdf0436) Port (for example, 1080) Root (for example,rep)

The logon data is also read from the exchange profile ('ApplicationSystem' section): User Password

As an alternative to using the exchange profile, you can maintain the RFC destination SAP_PROXY_ESR. If this RFC destination is maintained it will be used by the proxy generation in place of data from the exchange profile to access the Service Repository. In this case, the Exchange Profile will even not be read.

The RFC destination has to be set up using transaction SM59 and should look like this:

RFC Destination: SAP_PROXY_ESR

Connection Type: G (HTTP Connection to External Serv)

Description1: ESR for Proxy Generation

Target Host: esr_host

Service No: 1080

Path Prefix: rep

Logon and Security:

Basic Authentication: active

User: esr_user

Password: esr_password

2. The HTTP Framework of the Web Application Server must function


If necessary, contact your system administrator. Please be aware of the fact, that the HTTP framework is depending on the application server. Thus the result of the report may differ for different application servers.

3. Proxy generation must interpret the data of the Enterprise Services Repository correctly


you can also login in dev and go to Xn se91

enter msg id SPRX and msg no 090

select the message and click on long text..

you get the same message in a formatted manner..


How to get rid of this ?