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Jul 12, 2018 at 12:05 PM

Can't build design time XSA artifacts in Sap Webide for HANA (on premise)


Hello scn!

I'm trying to play with XSA on premise but struggling with building design time artifacts, that use runtime artifacts from HDI Container.

I imported data table from HANA to my HDI Container

The table has data:

Now i trying to create .hdbflowgraph artifact and provide my table as data source.

If i click data preview on DataSource node, it shows the data correctly.

But when i try to build flowgraph artifact i got following Error:

Error: The file requires "db://BIKE_STATIONS" which is not provided by any file [8212001]      at "src/MyFlow.hdbflowgraph" (0:0)

How i can provide existing runtime artifacts as dependency for design time artifacts?

Thank you!


tables.png (64.5 kB)
table-data.png (90.9 kB)
flow.png (35.2 kB)
node-data.png (57.1 kB)