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Mar 16, 2009 at 06:21 PM

Month doesn't appear in the axis for last 12 months


Hi !

I have created a graph which gives records for the last twelve months, my formula is:

if {Commande.DATE} >= dateadd('m',-12,currentdate) and {Commande.DATE} <=currentdate then {Commande.DATE}

At this point everything's fine ,

I have to create another formula to have Month name

from today which mean ,the order should be like this on my graph axis, 1st last month is febuary and last 12 months from today is March

March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November -December - January Febuary

here is that formula which I have called Month Sort order:

If month({@last12months})=01then

"Janv" else

if month({@last12months})=02 then

"Fév" else

If month({@last12months})=03then

"Mars" else

if month({@last12months})=04 then

"Avril" else

If month({@last12months})=05then

"Mai" else

if month({@last12months})=06 then

"Juin" else

If month({@last12months})=07then

"Juil" else

if month({@last12months})=08 then

"Août" else

If month({@last12months})=09then

"Sept" else

if month({@last12months})=10 then

"Oct" else

If month({@last12months})=11then

"Nov" else

if month({@last12months})=12 then

"Déc" else ""

in the Graph/Chart expert ,in the resulting dialog box I have set the following options:

On Change of: i have set the formula Month Sort order which will bring me the month name and for the order I have set in the Original order .

It works fine I retrieve records for last 12 months but on my axis ,the name for

the last 12 months doesn't appear in this case ( March) it is blank ,I have the records for March but not the month name March in my axis it show april to febuary but not March

Thank you for helping me