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Mar 16, 2009 at 12:32 PM

Need details on how to make custom ABAP report archive enabled


Hi All,

We are working in our project to make custom reports as archive enabled so that they can read archived data.

Need some information on the below queries.

1.Is there any function module to read selected data from archive file? For example i don't want to read the whole BKPF table data from archive file instead want to get belnr and bukrs only.

2. What are the perfromance measure which can be taken while making an existing program archive enabled

3. Important archiving tables which can help for the above.

4. When i use the function module "Archive_open_for_read' then system displays a pop up to select the archive files based on the archive object.

Considering that all the reports are run in background how do i make sure that in background run all the archive files are selected and processed.

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions...