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Set Default Schema for Specific Tenant

Jul 11 at 06:11 AM


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I need to set the default schema for a specific session in HANA.

Why?: I have a third party application which gets access to a specific tenant of a SAP HANA DB via a system DSN and then login with a specific user. This 3rd Party app also creates tables in the respective tenant and in the default schema of the user who was used for the login. However I want to have control about in which schema these tables are created by the 3rd Party app. I do not want to use the default schema of the "working" user.

In HANA I would have the possibility to execute SET SCHEMA <Schema> to set another schema as default schema for the current session of the user who executes this command. Within the 3rd Party app I do not have an SQL editor or other means to execute that command. So the idea would be to execute SET SCHEMA <Schema> e.g. in HANA Studio for a specific session of the user who already logged in via the 3rd Party app.

Is this possible?

The 3rd Party app in question is ArcGIS Pro 2.1 of Esri. The same requirement for the Predictive Analytics solution was solved with a configuration file of the application. To my knowledge ArcGIS Pro 2.1 does not provide this.

Thx, Ingo

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1 Answer

Lars Breddemann
Jul 11 at 08:31 AM

You can specify the default schema/default catalog in the ODBC connection string. Alternatively, you can add that as a parameter to the DSN.

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Hi Lars,

Thx! Would you tell me the details? What is the key word in the DSN to specify the schema?

BR, Ingo


Yes, a little search can go a long way...