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Problems with Target Mapping parameters in Fiori Launchpad Designer

I'm having a few issues with target mapping parameters for our prototype Fiori Launchpad, hopefully somebody can spot where I've gone wrong.

We have a NW751 Gateway hub deployment, recently upgraded to FES 4.0 sps02 and SAP_UI 752 sp03.

The first requirement is to show groups as tabs in the Home page, and hide the Home Page option in user settings as per note 2576059.

Here is the target mapping configuration that has been added to our custom catalogue:

For whatever reason this doesn't work - our groups don't appear as tabs by default and the Home Page option is still available in the Settings menu. I have tried clearing caches and shared memory but no joy.....

The second requirement is to hide the User Menu option in the App Finder, so the user just sees the Catalog and SAP Menu tabs (as most of our PFCG roles don't have properly structured user menus).

Here is the target mapping configuration for that, using parameters documented here:

Again, these parameters seem to have no effect and the User Menu option continues to appear in the App Finder.

One thing I'm not sure about is the importance of the Target ID field in these configurations.

In the first screenshot above I have used the ID "sap.ushell.renderers.fiori2", purely because I saw that used in a blog example somewhere, but I have no idea whether it's important or not and the documentation I have found isn't all that helpful.

So, any brilliant ideas as to where I may have gone wrong?

tm1.jpg (73.4 kB)
tm2.jpg (76.1 kB)
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    Jul 11, 2018 at 06:21 AM

    The default value for the enableHomePageSettings parameter should be tabs (plural, ending with s) and not tab as is visible in your first screen shot.

    Also in both the enableHomePageSettings and homePageGroupDisplay parameters check by changing the shell-home to Shell-home (with s capitalized).

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